Joe Ifah

One November day in 1976, a teenage school boy sat outside a classroom and cried quietly as a Christian school teacher strummed sweetly on his guitar and sang to a gathering of students about Jesus and his incomparable love. Later, in the course of the meeting and unknown to anyone else, the young boy prayed the Sinner’s Prayer and asked Jesus to be his Lord and Savior. 37 years later, Joe Ifah has this to say: “Music wields such a powerful force. And when you take this force that moves virtually every living soul, and combine it with the message of the Cross - what the bible calls ‘the power of God’(1 Cor. 1:18) what you get is real life-transforming power.” Really, I should know. I was that teenage boy who submitted to that combined power so many years ago. Since that time, I have seen thousands of lives transformed under the same influence. The message of the Cross, given expression or aided by means of truly inspired music, invariably generates life-transforming Power. And what do I sound like? Please listen to my music to find out for yourself! But as for sounding like any other person, I don't even bother to try! Maybe I'm afraid I'd do a very poor job if I did.
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