Ojone and Ugbede Abu

Ugbede and Ojone Abu are missionaries with a strong passion for children and for a particular religious group. In partnership with various Church denominations, they embark on training and equipping the churches for effective witnessing to their target audiences. Their songs, borne out of passion for God and for the souls of men, are a source of revival across the world. Probably the most popular of them all is 'Affect my life, breath on me, as I look to you for life'. The Abus have 5 albums to their credit, released under their music label Hill City Music: 1. Show me; 2. It's About Time; 3. Jihofa Jadu Mi; 4. Reflections, and 5. Affect My Life For that deep and refreshing moment in God's presence, this is one couple to be with.
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