Mojadesinuola is a woman of God,song writer and a Gospel performing/ recording artist who grew up in Kaduna, Nigeria. She loves to minister to both young and old through her music. She's anointed and blessed with so much of God's grace in the prophetic dimension. Her voice is unique and powerful. She started singing at the age of 8. She was a member of many singing groups and bands and has featured in many albums. Done voice overs and Sang in many commercial jingles and also performed in theme songs for many soap opera. What is truly special about Mojadesinuola is that God has put so much in her and she wants to reach everybody with the message of Jesus Christ, She receives her songs while praying and worshiping. Her heart goes for Christ all the way. She is making Gospel music with an R&B feel. Her husband is Segun Samuel(Bashegs) an Ace music producer who has worked with many artists both home and abroad. She has ministered in several crusades, church programs and concerts with evidence of God's presence.
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