Anthony Ekene Obiechie, born in Lagos State, Nigeria on November 10, 1984, Grew up fearfully and raised in a Christian home. Interest for music started at age 9 when he sings along to soul and RnB music, haven loved so much, he craved to know about sound production and that's he got hold of the recorder (wind instrument) as his first instrument, taught by the elder brother. Beginning his music journey in church where Ekene was a backup singer and psalmist in Roman Catholic Church, He also served as a mass server. Known for his warm personality and sense of humor, Ekene has found success in studio, stage and churches In 2003, he merged with friends in delta state to form a music group called triple O" standing out as the lead vocalist and song writer. The group made impact recording couple of songs with righteous man at Benin City and Rhymzo da gusto in Lagos before they went solo in 2005 & in 2006
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