Terms For Artists And Works Owners

The following terms and conditions, reviewable from time to time, apply to all artists and works owners who choose to submit their works on Gospeleon, and to participate in this community. Please ensure that you have read and understood them before you register any material on this website.

  1. Non-exclusive rights: Gospeleon does not seek exclusive online distribution rights over your works. Think of us as a vast online music mart where a unique shelve space is reserved for you and for your works, for fans and searchers to access. You would still be free to offer your material on other sites and stores!
  2. Free Artist Registration: No fee is required for getting listed as an artist on Gospeleon. Just fill the appropriate form and upload a profile photo, and a profile page will be created for you automatically!
  3. Album Registration: It is very important for users to understand that WE DO NOT EXPECT YOU TO REGISTER OTHER PEOPLE’S MUSIC, unless you have the LEGAL standing to do so. The idea here is that artists register their own albums, or it’s done on their behalf by agents of their choosing. Gospeleon is not another music sharing site; it’s conceived to be an online home-base for Christian artists from around the world, where their fans and music lovers in general may interact with them around their recordings.

At this time, any number of music albums may be registered per artist or band, and an album may consist of up to 25 tracks. From September 1, 2019, it is absolutely free to upload albums and singles on Gospeleon.

  1. mp3 Purchase & Download: Anyone may buy your tracks from our mp3 store and consequently be able to download them. Gospeleon offers a generous 40:60 ratio for sharing downloads sales income with works owners (40% to Gospeleon, 60% to Owners.) Where an artist is fielded or enrolled by a Record Label, we stipulate that the 60% reserved for works owners be split in a 40:20 ratio between artist and Label (40% to artist, 20% to Label), except where it can be shown that a contrary stipulation in the terms of their applicable contracts supersedes this. Gospeleon will reserve the right to determine appropriate pricing for music albums and tracks offered on the site, even though we intend in the course of time to provide options for artists and works owners to determine pricing for own works.
  2. Access Plan: Gospeleon has discontinued Streaming Access at this time. We just might offer the service again in the future!
  3. Remittances: Remittances will be calculated and paid out monthly for music sale earnings, and quarterly for streaming earnings. Artists whose works are fielded by record labels with whom they have valid contracts in place may be paid their dues (in respect of those specific works) through their Labels if the artist so consents or indicates, or if it becomes impracticable to directly pay the artist through an own specified account. Minimum earning balance for remittance is ₦1000. Earnings below this threshold will be rolled over to the next month. Vendors may check their earning and payment status through their DASHBOARD.
  4. Account Termination: Works owners may terminate their account any time by requesting for the deletion of their works from our database and for the deletion of their account. They must however ensure that due outstanding earnings are requested and paid (still subject to current payment threshold) before their account is taken down.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!