It’s working out

This new single from Saint Pat-Anie, “It’s Working Out”, is a faith based affirmation gospel song, composed to strengthen and encourage believers, reminding them of the power in their words – that regardless of their circumstances, their faith proclamations will surely prevail.
In over a decade and half, Saint Pat-Anie has been singing, writing and ministering spirit filled worship songs around the world and this time, she is signed to Faithgane Records under whose Music Label she is releasing her very first track (It’s Working Out). The partnership promises to relentlessly churn out deep and inspiring praise and worship songs that will help any listener
connect to higher realms of glory, cultivate the habit of worship and the conscious of the existence of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
“It’s Working Out” surely will bless you and also help your faith stronger to prevail in all situations because you will always win.