No Weapon

Nigerian gospel singer and recording artiste, Obasi Eze is out with an anticipated new single “No Weapon,” available today on digital platforms. The uplifting new song demonstrates Obasi’s unwavering faith in Christ as he declares ‘No Weapon formed against me Shall Prosper“.
A contemporary rock fusion, “No Weapon” ignites hope and inspires listeners to stand firm in their faith, and trust in God.
Commenting on the release, Obasi shares; “In an era where challenges and attacks on the Christian faith persist, this sound serves as a declaration of resilience, strength, and victory for believers worldwide.”
“It resonates with those who have experienced or witnessed the Christian community’s plight and showcases their refusal to succumb to fear or intimidation.” – he add.
The new song serves as a powerful reminder that despite the challenges faced, we as believers possess the inner strength to overcome any obstacle and emerge victorious through Christ.


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