Shame To Fame

This album is centered on love for God, praise to His holy and mighty name, acknowledging the great sacrifice Christ made on the cross for us all, God`s protection, provision and promotion in our lives. Nevertheless, the album is inspiring, encouraging everyone to forsake all our sinful ways and return to God our creator.
As we all know, nothing good comes easy; Shame To Fame album project started in the year 2012 in the city of Lagos where some of the hit tracks were produced – So beautiful, Hallelujah and Only you, by music teacher TryTune. Afterward the project experienced delay due to many obstacles which were overcome by the help of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Some of the tracks were recorded in Jos city by Descry in the year 2017 when God finally remembered his servant Mr. Ralph and blessed him with success that he has not recovered from celebrating the victory to this day.