You are the One

“You are the one” is a song expressing my gratitude and surrender to God particularly for saving my soul, shifting me over from darkness into His marvelous light. He remains my source of joy and comfort! If He has done the same for you, join me to sing this one!

Verse 1
You are the one who took me from the miry clay
You are the one that gave me liberty from sin
Rescued my soul from everlasting condemnation
My Lord, I’m so grateful…

I’m lifting up my hands to you
I’m lifting my voice to you
I’m lifting up my heart in praise
I wanna please you Lord every day of my life

Verse 2
You are my joy even when I feel some trouble
You heard my cry whenever I called on your name
You save me o God, my Rock, my shield, you’re most reliable
You are everything to me

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